April 22nd, 2017
11:00 AM Gänseliesel
10:00 AM Warm-up

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On 22 April 2017, we, the public of Göttingen and the environs, are taking to the streets and standing up for free and open science and research. We are joining this worldwide event along with 427 other cities, 14 in Germany, to show our support of science and to affirm the freedom of science as a vital democratic value.

We want to call attention to the many benefits of science, providing solutions to practical problems, fostering critical thinking, enriching our lives and pave the way to a sustainable and better future.

We also seek to bring awareness to the threats posed to the free practice of science around the world today: travel bans on select nationalities, gag orders on scientists, dramatic cuts to research budgets, unstable funding for education and attacks on established scientific facts, like climate change, by prominent political leaders are among the most obvious problems for science today. Unfortunately, the new US Administration leads the way in many of these developments, but it is hardly alone in pursuing these policies.

We welcome your support and participation in this global event.

Join us on Saturday 22 April at 11 AM. This is an event for all: young and old, scientists and non-scientists. We will gather at the Gänseliesel, an appropriate symbol for higher education in our city of science, and march down Weenderstraße to the University Auditorium.

If you wish to help us organize, please contact us. There are many things you could do: attend a planning session, come to a sign-making party, act as a science explainer/experimenter on March day, or post one of our flyers.

Please help spread the word so that others may join!